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GeoSonic’s rigs and crews have a proven track record of advancing boreholes through a vast array of ground conditions encountered throughout the UK and Europe for geo-environmental, geotechnical, water exploration, mineral exploration, specialist nuclear and renewable energy purposes both onshore and offshore.

Sonic Drilling


The advantages of Sonic Drilling, the basic procedure and a cross-section of some retrieved samples. For more information follow the link below.

Services and Experience


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We have a comprehensive range of drilling equipment, for more information on our equipment please follow the link below.

GeoSonic bring to your project a culture of experience and professionalism, industry leading systems of work, stringent equipment maintenance practices, established training programs and first class support.

  • Core foundation of qualified drill crews with a wealth of specific knowledge and a huge pool of Sonic Drilling experience in all ground conditions.
  • 15 Years operating Sonic Machinery in Europe.
  • Specialist team of in-house Sonic fitters to provide both routine maintenance and expedite specialist repairs on-site ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Large fleet of rigs permits multiple rigs on the same site to meet project timescales and offers flexibility of service/availability when scheduling.
  • Full range of Sonic and rotary tooling options and casing diameters in stock to permit flexible solutions to your project.
  • Full fleet of in-house support vehicles and HGV’s to access your site whatever the location and support the rigs once on site.
  • Industry leading safe systems of work.
  • Multiple facilities in UK – Easy mobilisation to Europe and Beyond.
  • Custom data management systems to properly monitor and manage your project and increase efficiency where possible.

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