12 x GS Mini Sonic – DB320


Transport Mode: L 6.62m – W 1.98m – H 3.45m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 5.68m – W 1.98m – H 6.80m

Max (Laden) Weight: 10,200 kg

Ground Pressure: 5.37 psi / 37 KPa

Head Travel: 3.98m

Tooling Size: 88mm to 273mm (3.5” to 10”)

Hydraulic Fluid Capacity: 160 Litres

Diesel Capacity: 230 Litres

Depth Capacity: 70m

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2 x GS LS250 


Transport Mode: L 7.15m – W 2.20m – H 2.80m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 5.68m – W 1.98m – H 6.80m

Max (Laden) Weight: 11,500 kg

Ground Pressure: 4.0 psi / 0.028 mpA / 27.6 kPa

Pull Back / Down Force: 66kN / 24kN

Tooling Size: 121mm to 305mm (4.75” to 12”)

Feed Stroke: 4.00m

Diesel Capacity: 193 Litres

Depth Capacity: 80m

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2 x GS LS600


Transport Mode: L 10.30m – W 2.66m – H 3.65m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 9.60m – W 3.53m – H 10.59m

Max (Laden) Weight: 20,500 kg

Ground Pressure: 5.9 psi / 41 KPa

Head Travel: 7.44m

Tooling Size: 88mm to 305mm (3.5” to 12”)

Hydraulic Fluid Capacity: 333 Litres

Diesel Capacity: 160 Litres

Depth Capacity: 150m +

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1 x GS LX-11 Multipurpose


Transport Mode: L 11.50m – W 2.50m – H 3.04m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 9.00m – W 2.50m – H 11.50m

Max (Laden) Weight: 20,000 kg

Tooling Size: PQ / HQ / NQ

Depth Capacity: 1450m (NQ)  /  400m RC (4″)


1 x GS Sonic – Silea Sonic


Transport Mode: L 3.01m – W 1.98m – H 2.20m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 3.01m – W 1.98m – H 3.57m

Max (Laden) Weight: 2,600 kg

Tooling Size: 121mm to 178mm (4.75” to 7”)

Depth Capacity: 30m

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1 x GSFR IPC 450B


Transport Mode: L 2.50m – W 1.20m – H 2.20m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 2.40m – W 1.30m – H 1.87m

Max (Laden) Weight: 3,100 kg

Pull Down 4,732 daN

Pull Back 4,732 daN

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2 x GS FR Reska R30


Transport Mode: L 8.80m – W 2.50m – H 3.40m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 8.00m – W 3.20m – H 8.80m

Max (Laden) Weight: 19,000 kg

Pull Down 8,500 daN

Pull Back 10,000 daN

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1 x GS FR Mustang A66


Transport Mode: L 6.70m – W 2.35m – H 3.25m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 6.50m – W 2.35m – H 8.95m

Max (Laden) Weight: 12,500 kg

Pull Down 6,150 daN

Pull Back 8,400 daN

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Transport Mode: L 3.02m – W 1.20m – H 1.92m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 3.02m – W 1.20m – H 1.92m

Max (Laden) Weight: 3,400 kg

Pull Down 3,000 daN

Pull Back 5,000 daN

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1 x GS FR B20


Transport Mode: L 3.50m – W 1.50m – H 1.40m

Drill Mode (Mast Vertical): L 2.03m – W 1.50m – H 1.40m

Max (Laden) Weight: 2,450 kg

Pull Down 13,300 daN

Pull Back 13,300 daN

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Support Equipment


GeoSonic operate our own fleet of support vehicles to mobilise our rigs to your projects. Our specialist fleet includes Mercedes Unimog supports to provide back-up in difficult access locations, Scania Tractor units and trailers to  move larger loads and MAN HGV’s with built on workshops. Our Maintenance team are backed up with fully kitted out Transits to enable easier on-site support and our drillers operate modern Toyota Hilux vehicles as crew transport and support.