Geosonic Drilling - GeoSonic Drilling

Europe's Largest Sonic Drilling Contractor

GeoSonic Drilling Ltd (GeoSonic) offers a range of sonic drilling solutions to suit the demands of today’s requirements to provide rapid, clean, quality results in a safe and professional manner.

GeoSonic rigs have a proven track record of advancing boreholes through a vast array of ground conditions encountered throughout the UK and Europe for geo-environmental, geotechnical, mineral exploration and renewable energy purposes.

GeoSonic bring to your project leading safety systems and control measures through innovative rig design and established training programmes for all operators.

  • Large fleet of sonic rigs in 2 size configurations
  • Owned & operated support vehicles
  • Skilled sonic drilling operatives, mechanics and technical support staff
  • Rapid, clean drilling technique
  • Accurate Environmental & Geotechnical information
  • Innovative project specific solutions